Listening to music that Geo has dedicated to me makes me feel so much better.

Reasons why I am attracted and love Geo

-His perfect smile
-His teeth
-He’s so tall
-His arms
-His black curly hair
-His huge dark eyes, OMG
-His eyebrows
-His hair when it’s super long
-His abs
-His super soft butt cheeks
-His cheeks
-He’s super organized
-He always smells good
-He’s really clean
-He takes care of his stuff
-How he hugs me when we are about to go to sleep
-How he talks when he’s excited about something
-His face when he’s concentrated
-How he talks when he’s explaining something to me
-How he is really nice to everyone
-He has good manners
-He’s always positive
-He respects me
-My sisters get along with him
-Even my “dad” likes him
-How he treats my mom
-My mom loves him as his own son
-How my niece and nephew like him
-He defends me against anyone
-He protects me from assholes
-He takes care for me when I’m sick
-He gets jealous but doesn’t show it even though I know he is
-He makes me food when I ask him to
-How he never fails to make me laugh when I’m with him
-How he celebrates a good kill when he’s playing black ops
-He always wishes me a good day at work/asks me how it went
-His serious face when he’s mad
-The face he makes when he sees me
-The huge smile he has the first time he sees me
-He’s unbelievably patient with me
-He will always smile even in the worst scenario
-How he kisses my forehead when we’re having sex
-He ALWAYS tells me he loves me during sex
-How he is really careful with me
-How he apologizes when ever he accidentally hits me with something
-How he laughs when I pretend I’m mad
-How he says “no” when I ask him to buy me something ridiculous
-How he holds my hand when we’re just laying in bed
-How he flirts with me when I look “good” to him
-How he pretends to hit on me and says “wassup baby”
-How he touches my butt or boob then stops when I look at him
-How he pretends to hump me from the back
-The funny faces he makes
-How he pretends to fight me then starts jumping all over the place
-How he puts a song that I hate just to see my reaction
-How he says “my dick” in a really deep voice
-How when he’s sleeping he looks for me in bed to hug me
-How in the morning he kisses me to wake me up
-His voice when he barely wakes up
-How he looks super hot when he’s out the shower
-He carries everything for me
-He laughs when I act silly
-How he walks
-His hands are so firm
-how he holds my hand while driving
-How he pretends to fall asleep out of no where and snores
-How he laughs when I’m laughing uncontrollably
-How I have tried to push him away countless times but he doesn’t give up
-How sweet he *used to be
-How I know what he tells me, he means it
-He makes me feel important
-How I’m the only girl he has ever loved
-How he tells me he wishes I could of been his first
-He is not fake
-How in my prom the first thing he said as we started dancing in couples was “I love you”
-How he was the first one between us to say I love you
-He’s the only boyfriend who has ever bought me flowers
-How he hugs me, I just love it
-He has cried for me, he doesn’t cry, ever.
-He’s proud of me
-How he told me that he wants to break my longest relationship record in such a cute way
-How every month he tells me “Happy xx months”
-How excited he got when I gave him our first year anniversary present
-How he always wears the bracelet I gave him
-How still to this day, he makes me melt
-He loves me, truly.

* he’s not as sweet, but still is. I love it.

That’s all I can think of right now. I am so in love with this guy.


It was very good. I developed a fever Friday night and I woke up with body ache, headache, and sore throat. I was completely feeling like shit and to top it off I had work from 2-6 and I was very close to call in sick but I didn’t. I need money now more than ever so I can’t miss any days. So I went and I literally went to the bathroom like 5 times because I felt like I was going to pass out. The last 25 minutes my fever got worse so i just sat the rest of the time. My quad leader asked if I could stay but I had to say no, I really didn’t have any energy.

After I left I went to my house to change and eat then got dropped off at my friends house. He ended up leaving so our plans got canceled then Geo and I just went home. We started watching Weeds then somehow it turned into us doing it, that made my fever go away for like one hour then it got worse. I literally felt like my head was going to explode. Geo put a wet sock in my forehead and made sure I was alright. He took care of me the whole night. It was so cute cause whenever I would wake up he would too and he would ask me if I was okay and then hugged me back to bed. I love that boy. I really do.

Then today it was just perfect. We spent the whole day talking, watching TV, doing random stuff. I loved every second of it. He was being very sweet, and just really making sure I was okay. I was very happy.

He keeps me going honestly. He’s my home.


2 years and 4 months.


Today was a very good day. Got called off work and I spent my evening with Geo, my mom, and their co-workers. They are so fun and chill to be with. I wasn’t feeling very good at first but I said fuck it I’m not going to ruin the day for Geo so I got in a better mood. I was laughing a lot and that did cheer me up. Geo went to the store and he brought me back chocolate and that made me smile, it’s the little things that make me the happiest. He was being affectionate the whole time and not leaving me alone like he tends to. I felt happy. I know this weekend will be good. I know it. I don’t work tomorrow or Saturday so thank the lord.

I love my baby.


I honestly don’t know what I would do without Geo. He’s the best. I couldn’t ask for anyone better. I am one happy girl.


And Friday night Grace said “Guys if we make it to July we should go to Del Mar Fair” then Geo said “We will make it” and looked at at me. Aaawww.

And Sunday morning after we woke up we were watching tv in the living room and Geo started kissing me on my shoulder and cheek then said “I love you” and it honestly felt amazing. He does it all the time but I felt like THAT precise moment was just perfect.

Aaawww. He’s my everything.


Geo texted me “Happy 2 years and 1 month”

That made my day.

My love

I love Geovanni with all my heart and he drives me crazy but I love that boy.
I have never loved anybody else like I love him, not even close
I could had never imagine that the boy in the bus was going to become the most important person in my life besides my mom
He loves me so much, it’s incredible how he has managed to stay with me, I’m fucking crazy and he loves me even after everything
I am so thankful for him, I really am
Even though he’s not the same guy as when we first started dating I am sure of his love for me, because no one has ever managed to make me feel sincerely happy, ever. Only him.
I am happy, truly happy.

Jesus, I love that guy so much.


I passed my psychology test, I was seriously terrified about not passing it. But I got a good grade and I am still passing the class! :)

I GOT THE JOB! I know it’s seasonal but whatever, I have a job and it’s fantastic that it’s at my favorite store! :)

I REALLY need to get a few more things and I’ll be more than satisfied :)

Geo and I are better than ever and we just turned 2 years, I love him. He makes me happy.

This week was a good one, things are slowly getting better for me.
…. & to think that a couple weeks ago I was about to commit suicide. Funny.


Everything is ready for our 2 years.
That day has to be perfect. I know it will be :)

I’m one happy girl.


Geo went today to buy my anniversary gift and I don’t know what it is but he had to go back to pick it up after, so they obviously had to do something to “it” . I don’t know what it is but I REALLY hope it’s what I’ve been wanting all this time. BUT either way, everything he ever gives me is amazing so I will be truly grateful anyway. The most important thing is that we are almost 2 years, 2 YEARS. Many more to come I really hope. I am so happy. Despite everything, EVERYTHING; we are still together.

I love that boy. I really do.